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Tips for Filing a Successful Foreign Investor Visa

Obtaining a foreign investor visa will permit you to invest in the U.S. by either creating a new enterprise or purchasing a pre-existing business.

In order to have your investor visa application approved, you have to prove that you have the funds for the investment. The amount you invest must be sufficient to successfully develop the business and cover daily operations. One way of proving that you have adequate funds is by providing evidence of your bank statement or materials that you have purchased for the start-up of the business.

One way of ensuring that you meet the requirements of the investor visa program is by developing a viable business plan. Make sure that your business plan explains the services and goods that your enterprise will offer, assets of the company, expenses, your plan to increase revenue as well as your projected plan to outdo your competitors. It is possible to hire the services of companies that do professional writing of business plans.

If you are
looking for the E-2 visa, make sure that you are a national of a treaty country. Investors who meet this requirement are allowed to reside in the U.S. by making an investment there. You may not be residing in the treaty country, but as long as you are a citizen of the country, you can apply.

Another requirement is that the investment has to be a real operating enterprise. A real enterprise is one that offers tangible goods and services for profit. Examples of real operating enterprise include restaurants, medical offices and retail stores while those that don’t qualify include the real estate investments.

As an investor, you will need to prepare a detailed statement outlining the source of the funds for the investment. This is important in order to verify that you did not acquire the funds illegally or in any criminal means.

Before you are granted your investor visa, you will need to prove that your investment will lead to creation of jobs. Particularly if you will be investing in a new business, you will need to be fully aware of what it entails before you make your decision. You will need to prepare to hire employees from the USA so that you can stimulate its economy.

In order for your investment to qualify for the program, your business should be located in the right area. If you are looking for a EB-5 visa, investing $ 1 million and more will permit you to invest in any part in the U.S.