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Vaping & Electronic Cigarettes: A Guide Is it safer to smoke using e-cigarettes? According to numerous experts, it’s much safer to use e-cigarettes than the classic ones based on multiple research and experimentation. Smoking has been associated with and considered as the cause of a ton of various health problems experienced by users and those around them. Well of course if you don’t want to be exposed to such risks, you can stop smoking or exchange your tobacco for e-cigarettes. Is nicotine all that dangerous?
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First of all, nicotine is not the cause of any smoking-related health problem like cancers and other heart diseases, the problem with it is that it’s highly addictive. Actually, people say that you can overdose on nicotine when you use e-cigarettes for a certain period of time, this is actually a misconception. No worries for your life when using e-cigarettes, there has not been a case where someone was poisoned because of the e-cigarette’s nicotine-containing fluid that the e-cigarettes vaporise; that fluid is known as the e-liquid. So basically, users can freely go on with their e-cigarette use without fear for their health; it’s up to you if you want to use the e-cigarettes to help the nicotine withdrawal urges or you just want to use it.
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Do e-cigarette explode or give off harmful chemicals? There are a small number of studies that show e-cigarette vapour that contains chemicals which have the potential to harm someone’s health. Take note that the mentioned tests were done with artificial conditions, when e-cigarette are used normally, they’re still a healthier option than smoking tobacco; the proper use of e-cigarettes involve prevention of overheating. The overheated e-liquid in an e-cigarette produces an unpleasant and even horrid taste, you’ll immediately know when it start overheating. Is smoking while vaping harmful to the health? There is not a single evidence that proves smoking tobacco while you vape is worse for your health compared to just smoking tobacco; it’s not like you smoke twice as much when you use e-cigarettes since it doesn’t present the same amount of health risks. Some of the best cases of health recovery is when a smoker completely quit smoking tobacco, it’s seen as a health goal. Some smokers who want to quit the tobacco have chose to convert to the use of e-cigarettes in as fast as a blink of an eye, but of course that’s not always the case and some need more time to adjust to from smoking to vaping. E-cigarettes and e-liquids are not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, that’s why we have so many different kinds in the market, so don’t worry if you tried your fifth one but it still doesn’t feel right, just keep on trying and you’re bound to stumble on the one; these kinds of scenarios are completely normal.