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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IMMIGRATION BAIL BONDS. In case you or anyone in the family should ever be charged as illegal immigrants – either by mistake or is really a valid charge – then you or the person involved can file an immigration bond to make sure that they do not get any jail time as much as possible. Do not be confused with this type of bond because it is just like any other regular bail bonds; an immigration bond is also a guarantee that the violator will appear in the designated court and face whatever it is that he may have been charged with. For most immigrants who have been charged as illegal aliens and are subject for detention, they would prefer putting up an immigration bond to ensure that they are not put in custody while waiting for the court’s verdict on the case against them – since whatever it is that they are charged with would still apply even though they are on bail. Similarly, in order to compel the individual to show up and face any other immigration proceedings, the amount of the bond must be appropriately high and good enough to force him to show up in court or the immigration office. For even if the defendant is allowed to walk away from prison time, he must demonstrate that he would be ready and prepared to appear whenever his presence is needed by the immigration officials, and must prove his trustworthiness and credibility that he would not be a public menace while he is on temporary release. In situations involving foreign criminals, an immigration bond is the most common bond they would often file; but securing this kind of bail can be quite difficult and costly, thus needing the assistance of professional bondsmen to file and process. Even though it is quite risky and costly, this is highly required in case the alien is charged with national crimes unless he is willing to under detention or jail time.
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However, it does not mean that any alien who have filed for an immigration bond will be granted for it, in some cases it is possible to get denied if you have any other criminal charges in the past pending or otherwise, have been previously ordered to be deported, or if you pose a risk to the local community; if all these applies then expect that you will not be granted to file for bail at all.
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Filling for bail bond is the shortest way to avoid any potential jail time, or cut the amount of time spent in detention by half or at least drastically, but it does not automatically mean that the foreign individual will not end up being deported back to his country.