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Things To Put In Place When It Comes To Constructing A Dog Kennel

A happy dog is one that has a good kennel to sleep in. Kennels are in most cases placed outdoors which has full exposure to all the different kind of weather conditions. A number of tips are discussed here which help in showing how a person can be able to build the right kind of a kennel which well fits the dog.

Consider the size that you want to build the kennel. In many cases the kennels are placed outside and therefore it is important to find an area with a good dimension of expansion. The large kennels provide a room for the dog to stretch when moving around. You will find that the size has a very important need since it will reflect on the comfort of your dog. You will therefore need to measure the size of your dog in relation to the height for a good size.

The kennel should not be kept in a place with direct exposure to the sun and the wind. The sun and wind can really affect the dog and therefore preventing its comfort in the house. In the rainy season, avoid flooding by keeping the area flat. Have the kennel built very close to the door of the house so that the dog can have an easy access when they want to get in the house. The area should always be clean of any kind of debris which can disturb the comfort of the dog.
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Have holes filled with concrete to hold the kennel posts. In such cases the kennel will be able to stand any form of pressure from the heavy winds and the storm. In the kennel door installation, ensure it is done in the outer direction unlike the inner way. The dog in such a case will be able to move around inside.
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In flooring, it is important to use gravel which gives the dog a good footing. The use of the large gravel is more ideal in giving the dog a cleaner kennel which allows moisture to drain off easily and quickly.

Let the kennel be warm and with a good temperature in every other minute of the day. Let the kennel floor be slightly lifted above the door level so that it may prevent cold from reaching the dog. In such a case have a blanket or a thick carpet added on the floor to lift it up.

To prevent water from collecting on the roof, have it slanted a bit.