Looking On The Bright Side of Dogs

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Great Benefits of Dog Kennels

Are you looking for the best place to board your dog? Dog Kennels is this place to be to make your dog happy. Where we treat and care for your dogs like our family. All of our care services are guaranteed to meet your high expectations! In need of a boarding, bathing or brushing service for your fur-kid? Whatever the case, trust us to get your puppy comprehensive care and treat based on our knowledge on this. In our boarding facility, we campaign for and ensure safe and stress-free living for your animal. Boarding fee for your puppy is at a relative and fair pricing for diverse sizes. Our kennel was built to care for your animal with competence.

Your animal can run around the field and get inside the kennels when it is cold or rainy. Exercise space is availed by our half acre land that is well guarded. To avoid digestive problems with your dog, we recommend you bring with you his/her own food while in boarding. When you have not left us with your dog’s food, we give them our own. Additional charges are set if you have a dog that is aggressive. Does your animal have any tempers?

Then consider a must-arrange trial for an overnight stay of your puppy before his/her intended reservation. If you have a dog under treatment, you will need to fill out a separate medication sheet at our Dog Inn. When your dog needs any medications; we shall give at no extra charge. You just need to clearly label all medications. Vaccination against recommended infections for dogs should be carried out. Before your puppy’s admission, give us a written proof of immunization. We recommend you administer these injections in a minimum of 2 weeks before boarding. If it is a brushing or washing service that your fur-kid needs, you can contact our customer care.
Finding Similarities Between Pets and Life

The rates are varied taking into consideration, your pet’s personality as well as the status of their skin. We forewarn you that your problem dog has no place in our boarding facility. If you are boarding your dog with us for the first time, make sure to register with us. When you need any of our quality services, fill out a First-Time Registration and a Waiver & Consent (PFD) form. When you fail to fill the registration papers, we cannot provide any service or care for your fur-kid. By giving no room for customers to see their puppies during boarding period can offer the dogs free and friendly stay. A professional institution,do not allow any form of harassment or verbal abuse. The Key Elements of Great Kennels