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Le Gavroche celebrates half a century

The iconic dining spot in London’s Mayfair Le Gavroche, which means “the urchin” in French, is a fine dining institution overseen by acclaimed chef Michel Roux Jr. It is a very French restaurant, with a French chef serving French food amid a French atmosphere to those who want precision Gallic indulgence or perhaps fancying that they are in Paris for a few hours.

Michelin recognition
Le Gavroche was opened in 1967 by Albert Roux (father) and Michel Roux (uncle). It was the first restaurant in Britain to receive a Michelin star and the first to be awarded three of the precious stars in the early Eighties. Many famous chefs have trained in its kitchens, including Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White.

The restaurant has a whole menu of signature dishes of a complex, rich style that is not easy to find any more. If you feel like an artichoke mousse combined with sliced black truffle and filled with foie gras and a mousse of chicken, Le Gavroche should be on your “must dine” list. Eating here is dining, not just eating. According to a report in The Telegraph, dining at Le Gavroche is a rite of passage for those who take eating out seriously, and it’s the ultimate place to experience classical haute cuisine.

Michel Roux Jr was a fixture in Le Gavroche’s kitchen by the time he was an adolescent, and he has devoted his life to cooking. Of course, the perfection that is Le Gavroche does not happen without a lot of care and attention from its many staff, and there are lots of long hours of work and action behind the scenes in loading the commercial warewashers with endless streams of used crockery and many thousands of tablecloths and napkins to be laundered.

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In many ways, Le Gavroche is quite an old-fashioned restaurant that steadfastly serves food that has gone out of style almost everywhere else. However, it serves this type of food at the utmost pinnacle of quality with a devotion to classical technique that shows the very best is something that never goes out of style.