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shopping mallSeperti yang terlihat dalam foto-foto, penulis yang mengambil gambar ini, Jesse Rockwell, menyebutnya akuarium urban”. Shops were principally located within the industrial districts in the urban centre, earlier than the local division retailer Wing On opened its department store within the first private housing estate of Hong Kong (Mei Foo Solar Chuen) within the 1970s, and the Japanese department store Yaohan opened its first store within the shopping mall in a new city (Sha Tin) within the 1980s.

In Hong Kong, railway programs play a task more important than cars do. Figure 8 The MTR and KCR are so influential that many of the commercially successful procuring malls are built on top of the MTR stations or linked to the KCR mall

There are two major projects on the best way in Taipei, that can include big procuring areas. The shopping malls then came naturally to the centre of these new cities, being typical fashions of condensation of business, retailing and consuming activities underneath capitalism. The present approach of designing and building procuring malls originated in the new towns in the eighties, although the primary procuring mall in Hong Kong was constructed within the urban centre (Tsim Sha Tsui) in the sixties. A notable example is the Halton Lea Shopping Centre (originally referred to as Procuring City) in Runcorn, which opened in 1972 and was conceived as the center point for the brand new city ‘s growth.

The event of the new cities and the procuring malls would not be attainable with out the infrastructure, primarily the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) and the Kowloon Canton Railway (KCR) 47 In the United States, the planning and growth of shopping malls are impossible without taking note of mall

Strip malls have developed for the reason that 1920s, akin to the rise of suburban dwelling in the United States after World Conflict II. As such, the strip mall growth has been the subject of the identical criticisms leveled towards suburbanisation and suburban sprawl typically.