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Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Many people have heard of acupuncture, an Eastern style health care procedure. Not as many know that it is often just as effective as Western medicine procedures. Acupuncture is not just great for pain relief, it is also helpful for treating other health issues. Various individuals may use acupuncture for relaxation, for instance. Acupuncture is truly an incredible and effective treatment.

If you have never heard of acupuncture, it uses needles inserted in the skin and muscle. Chi, or energy, in the body is the key to this holistic treatment. These energy flows are along different roads throughout the body that acupuncturists refer to as meridians. Pain is related to interruptions on these pathways within the body, according to a holistic medicine approach. Acupuncture works to unblock these pathways and help the energy flow well again throughout the body.

When used together, acupuncture and chiropractic care are just as functional as traditional medicine, in most cases. Acupuncture is also considered a safe treatment. Simply take caution that your acupuncturist is well-respected. Also, be certain that the needles used are disposable and sterile.This will make your acupuncture treatment nearly risk free.
The Beginner’s Guide to Options

Ten to twenty needles will be placed into the patient in a variety of body parts. The needles are inserted at different depths based on the needs of the patient. Needles remain inserted for around twenty minutes. Different acupuncturists have different approaches, but much of the basics of the process remain the same.
Lessons Learned About Chiropractors

While it may appear to be painful, the needles in the skin or muscle do not actually hurt the patient. Most people think of typical needles used for medical procedures, like shots, but the needle is not the same. Very skinny needles are used for acupuncture, so they are barely felt. Many describe it as actually relieving pain, or being a very relaxing sensation. Many patients even drift off during their sessions.

To help stop discomfort, acupuncture helps the brain signals to be sent from the areas being treated at a faster rate, stimulating natural pain relief chemicals within the body. Acupuncture can be a great choice for issues that involve both the joints and the nerves such as neck pain or other chronic pain issues, for this reason. Acupuncture can help so much more than just pain, however. This even includes asthma.

With such a variety of conditions that acupuncture assists with, and with so much success dealing with pain, it is easy to see why acupuncture has become such an important holistic treatment. Many see wonderful results and continue treatment regularly.