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Has Your Pet Had an Accident? How to Clean a Wooden Floor

Pets make our homes so much nicer, but they do have accidents from time to time. Fortunately, if you know how to clean up after your pet, you can quickly clean up any mess and leave no traces behind.

Different types of wooden flooring require different treatments; however, the name of the game is always acting quickly, not using harsh chemicals, and removing as much of the mess as possible before adding water.

Tackling a puddle

If you find a puddle, grab some paper towels and put them on top of it to absorb as much of the wetness as possible; next, take a damp cloth and wipe the area clean.

If you discover a dried-up puddle, you also need to act fast and grab a moist cloth that you can wipe over the spot. Once the residue from the spot has been removed, you can use a little oil on the wood to nourish it. If your floor has a heavy varnish, you may want to touch up the affected area.

Pro tips for accidents

We love our pets and some of us go to extreme lengths to make them look good. Simply because they have had an accident on our engineered flooring from a stockist such as does not mean that we need to consign them to a life outdoors.

When cleaning up pet accidents, it is essential not to use a harsh chemical. Not only can this damage your floor but also if a cleaning product contains ammonia, it can attract the animal and they will repeat the behaviour in the same spot.

It is also crucial to avoid spreading the mess any further than necessary. Rather than wiping up wee, use a paper towel to absorb it. If your pet has left you a bigger present, try to remove it without spreading it.

Remember that a residue is often left after a little accident. If this is not removed and cleaned properly, it can leave a stain; therefore, always make sure you have cleaned up properly and that the area has dried out completely, especially if oiling or revarnishing.

Fortunately, wooden floors are quite hardy. Even if you are in the midst of toilet training a puppy, these cleaning methods can keep your boards looking as good as new.