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Choosing a Comfortable Calvin Klein Low Rise Trunks

Like it is the case with socks, good underwear should be comfortable, stylish and durable. Many men ignore the stylish part when choosing their undies as they think that this important piece of apparel will remain hidden. However, one thing that you should be aware of is that these will be visible at one point or the other.

When buying a calvin klein low rise trunk, one of the important factors to consider is on comfort ability. While it can be exciting shopping for undies, you will be in trouble if you make the right choice. You don’t want undies that end up sagging, pitching, rising up or rolling as it will mean that you will need to keep tugging them.

Understanding your body type can go a long way in helping you make the right choice of a calvin klein low rise trunk. You will be able to choose the right choice when you understand your hips and waist measurements. You can measure your natural waist using a tape measure as well as the fullest part of the cups so that you can choose trunks that are comfortable for your body type.

Double check measurements

You will need to ensure that you take the measurements of your hips and waist twice to ensure that you have gotten the same measurements. After getting the hips and waist measurement, you can consult the information on sizing for any underwear that you are considering.

Choose form elastic

You do not want a situation where you will be pulling the underwear all day long to prevent it from falling down or slipping. This is why it is advisable to ensure that you choose undies that have firm elastic at the waistband to ensure that they remain in place.

Avoid trunks that are too tight

If you choose calvin klein low rise that are too tight, these will lead to lumps below your clothing. This many also result in skin irritation and chafing as a result of the friction. If the undies are tight enough to leave some marks on the skin, it means that these are too tight. Such kind of underwear will not breathe well and can cause health issues.

The good thing with calvin klein trunks 3 pack is that they are made of cotton. When it comes to comfort of your undies, nothing beats cotton .This is due to the fact that cotton tend to be breathable. This will mean that no moisture will be trapped inside the fabric and your undies will not sweaty. You will also not need to worry about the possibility of yeast and bacterial infection.

Why the calvin klein low rise trunks

The bold collection of calvin klein trunks 3 pack is also modern, strong and clean. These are quite comfortable and can really flatter your form. They come with a debossed rubber logo which is also another subtle addition. Another feature that distinguishes these undies are the sheen band as these are separated from the rest of the underwear.