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A Guide to Buy Right Ceiling Fan

Summer is a season which requires cool temperature indoor so that you can survive peacefully. You will not even need to turn on air conditioner if you have a ceiling fan installed in your house or office. People who have their house tend to know the importance of ceiling fans where you can speed it up and lower it as well according to your desire. Ceiling fans add up to the interior decoration of the house as well as work efficiently for a long term.

How to buy best Ceiling Fan?

As there are numerous ceiling fans out there, it would become difficult for you at one point to choose the best one but through these characteristics, you will be able to make the right decision.


You need to measure the size of your house, the top ceiling and then purchase the correct size ceiling fan. Even if you purchase the most expensive ceiling fan but if it is not the right size, then it is a waste for you. For the smaller spaces, there are traditional fans which fit perfectly. For the closet dimensions, mini fan units can install. Because of the technology emerge; you will have the variety of choices to make a sensible decision. Always remember that the bigger the room, the bigger ceiling fan you would need. The diameter of the fan should be according to the ceiling so that air can spread all around.

Blades and Motor

The blade motor is the circulation of the ceiling fan which spreads the air in the room. The three blades rotate according to the speed you desire for good air circulation. The angle of the fan should be around 12 to 15 degrees which create a balance for it to stay near to the ceiling without wobbling. The motor located at the top center of the blades which rotates the fan. It provides power to the unit to circulate air and needs to be of high quality.

Installation and Control

If you know how to install a ceiling fan, then you do not need a professional to do it. It requires basic skills without any assistance. The step by step instructions provided in the manual of the ceiling fan box which if followed correctly can help you install the fan in your house.

It is upon the owner that how they wish to control the fan which has various ways such as chain pull, remote control or the wall rotator. The best option is the wall rotator which is the safe and easily manageable way to control the fan speed. Another best choice would be the remote where you do not have to get up, and you can switch the speed, but you would have to maintain the remote battery as well.


These characteristics guide you towards getting the best ceiling fan in your house to avoid any future hassle. Set a budget and after considering these characteristics, purchase the high-quality ceiling fans.